Recovery Record

I have been “in recovery” since the end of May, but I am finally now (more than a month after being discharged from the UCSD Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Program) seeing how the real recovery starts after intensive therapy.

One of my favorite tools for keeping on top of my nutrition needs is the free app Recovery Record. I love that I can set reminders on my phone for my three meals and three snacks a day so that when I don’t feel the hunger cues, I know when I should be feeling them and can still respond by eating my required meals. The reminders can be as discreet as you want too; the default is to have things like “Email Jenny after morning snack” when it is time for me to have my morning snack.

For those of us who used our eating disorder to numb emotions, the food logs list emotions that you can rate. There are additional, separate thought and emotion logs. I still have to remind myself every day to try rating my emotions at least one time that day…I still get numb sometimes. And, I can log my physical activity (like when I go dancing) or my water consumption (I used to be dehydrated all the time).

Also, my nutritionist can easily see a summary of all of my food consumption on any given day/week using her clinician code. This frees up time during our appointments for her to suggest modifications and check in with me instead of having to review food logs when I’m present.

I like receiving rewards, and Recovery Record offers free songs as rewards for logging meals. There are fun scrapbook character rewards when you answer questions about why it is good to try recovery or practice urge surfing.

There is so much more this app has to offer, but these are the main features I like to use. I am so thankful for this app and cannot believe it is free! It’s such a life saver 🙂

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