Benecalorie — weight gain/maintenance life-saver

I had a tough time gaining the required weight for recovery (still in progress!). In addition to all the body image issues and general fears of gaining weight that someone with an eating disorder has, I developed a hypermetabolic state on the weight gain state. My metabolism sped up and I was expelling a lot of my caloric energy as heat instead of incorporating it as extra mass. To gain weight, I required a diet of more than 3000 calories, which was tough for me to eat…but I have needed to gain weight for my overall health and so that I can return to taking my dog to the dog park and maybe even swimming/surfing or going to the gym again. That’s where benecalorie (benecal) came into play.

Benecal, recommended by my nutritionist, is 300 calories densely packed into 1.5 fluid ounces of flavorless liquid. It can be added as a supplement to nearly any liquid or semi-liquid food (from milk to yogurt; yes, it works better in dairy). The best part is that, because I have never eaten it before and it has no flavor, my eating disorder has no traumatic fear of it. Also, it is not tasty enough for me to crave it in the future and all I will have to do to switch from a weight gain diet to a maintenance diet will be to drop the benecal. It was finally when my nutritionist introduced me to benecal that I began to gain consistent weight, and I am not allowed to go back to the gym!

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