Retiring Recovery Record

I saw my nutritionist today and she gave me the go-ahead for retiring my use of Recovery Record. The App served its purposes for me and I am grateful for the boost it provided when I transitioned out of the intensive program. But, I am now in a great routine of eating my 3 meals a day + 2 – 3 snacks/day. And, my meals are all by default fitting my meal plans now. On top of that, I now get to play around with doing evening snacks on more of an as-needed basis instead of as a mandatory part of therapy. I am finally starting to get to eat like a “normal” person!

My nutritionist and I also talked about how my main problem with food now is deciding what to eat for dinner. My nutritionist recommended this fun tool: Foodie Dice on Kickstarter, and I’m totally going to buy a set of food planning dice to make my meal planning easier. There are 186,000 possible combinations! From their website:

“Even foodies fall into cooking ruts sometimes. Recipes have their place, but they can be restrictive and intimidating. Foodie Dice, on the other hand, encourages you to play with your food! Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time or skill when you start with whole, seasonal ingredients and a playful spirit.”

I’m loving that there are real world solutions to the new problems I am facing in recovery.

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