Improved Immunity

Before I entered treatment, I was catching colds as often as once a month. The frequency of my illnesses was in part due to all the time I used to spend with my nephews, who were bringing home colds from daycare and school on a regular basis.

However, I feel like my weakened immune system when I was in my eating disorder played a bigger role in my propensity to catch colds. For example, nearly everyone on my dance team had a cold in the last couple weeks, except for me. Many of my colleagues and fellow students have been battling colds, but not me. And, now, I also seem to be immune from my boyfriend’s cold.

It has been at least half a year since I had a cold, which has been amazing. When I used to have much more difficulty allowing myself to take time off from work, I liked the excuse to finally take a break that being sick would bring. Now, I am just grateful for my improved health and energy as well as my willingness to take care of myself now.

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