Dream Dinners

When I was in treatment, I ate most of my meals in program and I did not have to decide what to eat or plan meals in advance…the food was just there for me. As I transitioned to a lower level of care, I increasingly struggled with deciding what to eat, especially for dinner, as I have mentioned in previous posts. My mother, who has a definite fixer-type of personality, bought me a LivingSocial deal to Dream Dinners (6 three-serving meals) to remedy the situation. I finally went and prepared my meals at Dream Dinners last week with my mom and had a blast.

Before going to the store, you pick your menu, which is easier for me than picking what I am going to eat each night individually. When you arrive for your food appointment, you mix the ingredients into a multitude of baggies that can be stored in the freezer until you are ready to do the final cooking steps. All of the ingredients are organized by meal, making each meal incredibly easy to prepare. It took my mother and me only thirty minutes to prepare all six meals, which is a significant savings over the time it would normally take me to sort through recipes, shop for ingredients, store the ingredients, search for ingredients when I finally decide to make a meal, clean up after food preparation, and later throw out unused ingredients (of which there are usually many because I just do not cook often enough to use up everything).

I still have to cook each meal before I eat it, but Ben and I tried the first one this weekend, Outlaw Marinara Chicken, and it was easy to just throw the food in the oven (complete with Dream Dinners cooking instructions) while we watched The Wire. The food was tasty, even as a leftover.

Ben and I have recently been talking more about learning to incorporate cooking into our regular meal rotation instead of always eating out, particularly because it is difficult to eat out all the time (or anytime) if you have kids. Trying out Dream Dinners is a helpful first step in doing our own cooking, and I already signed up to use the service next month (still at a discounted price). I am not sure whether we will continue Dream Dinners when we have to pay full price, but for now, the food is super affordable, convenient and tasty.

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