The first full day I visited with my younger sister this past weekend, we went to get our nails done after breakfast. For years I have wanted to get an acrylic French manicure even though acrylic nails can destroy real nails when they start falling off. I finally tried it, and the one hour process was not as relaxing as the bonus arm massage my sister got for her less complicated manicure (regular French manicure), but I am loving the end results and I am definitely going to pamper myself with this treat more in the future.

2013-11-08 13.16.59

I am loving that I am finally letting myself try activities I have been wanting to do for years. Part of my past restriction with eating was tied up in restricting spending, and I never in the throes of my eating disorder would have let myself enjoy such nice pampering. I appreciate the fullness of my life in recovery.

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