NaNoWriMo Rebellion

I got bored with the eating disorder novel I was writing for NaNoWriMo so I transported my characters to an entirely different world that was randomly inspired by a dream I had some nights ago. Some of the characters are still the same people; some of them are entirely different, reminding me of what Erin Moregenstern has said about her NaNoWriMo experience with The Night Circus. I read somewhere that when she grew bored of her characters, she sent all of them to the circus.

Since changing my story, I have enjoyed writing so much more, which is what I want the most out of NaNoWriMo. I recognize that I am farther from having a complete book, even while I am closer to achieving the 50,000 word winner mark. However, when I was writing an eating disorder-based novel, I was trapped in my own experience with my eating disorder. The more I tried to change my characters, the more they fought back and asked for me to be truer to my personal experience, which is not always interesting. I have appreciated revisiting some of what brought me to this place in recovery, but, for now, I am enjoying creating a new world just as I am creating my new life in recovery.

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