Mixed responses

I have been doing really well recently with recovery, except that I came down with a little bit of a cold (complete with nausea) the last couple of days that has severely decreased my appetite and made it more difficult for me to follow a strict meal plan. However, when I do have an appetite, I am continuing to enjoy food more and more, including the yummy dinner my mother made for Christmas, consisting of prime rib, my favorite potatoes au gratin, my favorite vegetables long green beans and red cabbage, and sweet potatoes…with creme brulee as the finishing touch, which I caramelized myself with a blow torch.

I have so much been enjoying the holidays. First, I submitted my first first-author research paper, and the editor-in-chief personally thanked my boss for the submission, which is promising. Submitting the paper has really made my holiday break feel like a break; in the old days, I would take finals and then be free until after the new year started. This year, I submitted my big paper and again am free until after the new year.

I also have enjoyed spending a ton of time with Ben and my family, including my wonderful nephews, so much so that I cried a couple times after I said goodbye to my nephews at the end of the visit. We had fun playing at multiple parks, the dog beach, the pool, and at my parents’ house with all of their awesome new toys, and now that I am doing better in recovery, my relationships are all more meaningful to me.

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