Personal growth obsession

So, since I got third place in my West Coast Swing (WCS) dance competition over the weekend, I have been obsessed with dancing and improving my dancing. It’s a fun kind of energy, but I also feel like my brain is stuck in a loop.

For one, I have been searching all kinds of online websites to read dance technique tips and started taking notes on key points that I want to implement in my dancing. This has changed the way that I listen to music, including trying to pick out components in the music that I could not hear before so that I can dance to all of the layers in the songs. If no useful WCS songs are playing on the radio when I drive to and from work, I switch to my CD, which does have some danceable songs.

Next, I added dance events to my calendar for the rest of 2014, aiming for about one major dance event a month, with up to three in some months. There is no way I will be able to go to all of those scheduled dance events, but I want to consider all of them. Too bad I will not be able to attend another event until the middle of March. I nearly bought tickets for an event that is happening next weekend in Monterey but I instead booked a haircut appointment as an intervention. (Similarly, I bought and then promptly returned makeup products at Ulta this week. I usually only wear makeup at dance events and have enough already to get me through the year.)

Also, I have been looking again at all the classes and dance events that are offered locally in San Diego and Orange County, adding whatever possible to my calendar. Just like with the big dance events, I will probably skip most of these, but I really just want to keep dancing!

Finally, I am back to practicing dance as soon as I get into work. There is a microscope room that almost no one uses in the morning. That room is my favorite space for quiet work before anyone else arrives. I also love to use it to dance, which I did this morning. Even as I am typing this, I am doing triple steps under my desk.

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