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Personal growth obsession

So, since I got third place in my West Coast Swing (WCS) dance competition over the weekend, I have been obsessed with dancing and improving my dancing. It’s a fun kind of energy, but I also feel like my brain … Continue reading

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Distracted by Life

Again, it has been awhile since I have updated my blog. I used to delay starting my work in lab by writing blog entries every morning, but I have recently been starting my lab work nearly as soon as I … Continue reading

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Research Roundup #4 – Exercise Addiction

Today’s summary is on “Exercise addiction: A study of eating disorder symptoms, quality of life, personality traits, and attachment styles” by Lichetenstein et al (Psychiatry Research, 2013). I chose this article because I never would have considered myself an over-exerciser … Continue reading

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At my most recent meeting with my nutritionist, she removed my exercise restrictions! I am finally moving from the weight gain phase in my recovery to weight maintenance! Also, I no longer have the same drive to obsessively exercise that … Continue reading

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Riding the wave of emotions

The farther that I get from my past eating disorder behaviors, the more I understand that restricting food and over-exercising were my maladaptive methods for coping with tough emotions. When I refused to eat, I was refusing to feel sadness … Continue reading

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Benecalorie — weight gain/maintenance life-saver

I had a tough time gaining the required weight for recovery (still in progress!). In addition to all the body image issues and general fears of gaining weight that someone with an eating disorder has, I developed a hypermetabolic state … Continue reading

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